We specialize in delicious and beautiful baked goods. We try to work with many different dietary restrictions; such as soy-allergies, vegan, or gluten free.

Custom Shaped Macarons

Can be transformed into (almost) any shape you can imagine!
Sold by the dozen.
Classic Round Macarons
Gluten Free.

These round macarons can be made mini (mini macs,) standard, or jumbo.
Sold by the dozen.
Custom Sugar Cookies
These cookies can be created into any shape your heart desires! Hand-created, and hand-painted.
Sold by the dozen.

**Can be vegan, gf, or classic.
Standard Cupcakes
Our standard cupcakes can be made with many different decor options.

**Can be vegan, gf, or classic.
Jumbo Cupcakes
These are the size of 3 standard cupcakes.

**Can be vegan, gf, or classic.
Cosmic Brownies
Sold by the Dozen.
Catered Dessert Platters
Platters can include up to 5 different baked goodies. Items depending on client.
Tiered Cakes
Cake tiers can be different flavors with no additional cost.

**Can be vegan, gf, or classic.
Custom Cakes
Single tiered cake, decorations depend on event.
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